PCL61x4 High-Performance Motion Controller Chip Series

April 15th, 2015

PCL61x4 High-Performance Motion Controller Chip Series

Nippon Pulse announces new high-performance motion controller chip series with available 4-wire SPI interface

RADFORD, Va. – Nippon Pulse has released its newest series of motion controller chips, the PCL61x4 Series. PCL61x4 is a series of two high-performance servo/stepper controller chips: the PCL6114 single-axis chip and the four-axis PCL6144 chip.

The PCL61x4 series has some improved features over the PCL61x3 series, a similar chip series in the Nippon Pulse family of products. The most important new feature is the available SPI serial bus for 4-wire connection to augment the existing 8/16-bit parallel bus. The PCL61x4 series also features programmable software limits and 27 event factors – four more than the PCL61x3 series – in order to initiate interrupt signal output. In addition, the new series maintains all the same advanced features as the PCL61x3 Series: built-in pre-registers for continuous operation, linear interpolation, nine major operating modes, and input terminals for manual pulsers, jog switches, and limit/homing switches.

This chip series will benefit Nippon Pulse customers who require improved operational control and faster motion for their applications. The chips work well with high-speed, high-resolution linear motors in industrial settings. They make ideal controllers for our Linear Shaft Motors in high-precision applications such as semiconductor processing or microscopic image scanning.

All chips in both the PCL61x4 and PCL61x3 series are RoHS compliant.

About the Company: Nippon Pulse America Inc. is an American subsidiary of Tokyo-based Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Nippon Pulse offers various controller chips and driver boards, as well as tin-can, hybrid and linear servo motors, serving a wide range of motion control applications. For more information on the PCL61x4 series or any of Nippon Pulse’s other quality products, visit nipponpulse.com or call 1-540-633-1677.