Nippon Pulse is a custom motor manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier of precision motion control products for original equipment manufacturers.We provide a wide array of motion control solutions, including industry-leading stepper motors, the innovative Linear Shaft Motor, controllers, drivers and networks.

Rotary Motion Motors

Hybrid Stepper
  • High torque with superior response
  • Available in several NEMA sizes (8, 11, 17, 23)
  • Step angles of 0.9 or 1.8 degrees
Tin-Can Stepper
  • High performance, many customization options
  • Change speed depending on the frequency of the pulse signal
  • Manufactured by Nippon Pulse since 1952

Linear Motion Motors

Linear Servomotors
  • Simple - Magnetic shaft and forcer
  • High Precision - Ironless design results in zero cogging
  • Non-Contact - Non-critical air gap means no variation in force
Linear Stepper
  • Simple, low-cost direct drive linear actuator
  • Offered in diameters of 25mm and 35mm
  • Three thread pitches on lead screw (0.48mm, 0.96mm, and 1.2mm)