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World's smallest, lightest direct drive motors, available from Nippon Pulse

Aug 18, 2023

Nippon Pulse is pleased to offer even more precision motors for OEMs. Our latest models are the lightweight yet powerful MDx series of direct-drive AC servo motors, perfect for factory automation, semiconductor, life science, security, and haptics applications.

These compact motors contain an integral high-resolution optical encoder and robust high-load bearings in a compact design, providing higher torque-to-weight ratios than similar diameter rotary servo motors. The direct drive capability offers excellent backdrivability for haptic feedback in leader-follower control. They are capable of quick movement and fast settle times, so they are always ready for the next step in the control program. They can also operate quietly, to help limit the noise on the manufacturing floor, in the lab, or in a hospital environment.

The MDx series is available in a variety of sizes (13-70mm) and stack-length configurations, as well as both standard (MDS) and hollow-shaft (MDH) options. The motor shaft or hollow bore can be customized to meet exact requirements. Customizations include special shaft arrangements, alternate mounting options, anodizing surfaces, and encoder resolutions.

Contact Nippon Pulse to learn how this motor can work in your application!

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