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New Linear Shaft Motor datasheets now available

Jun 09, 2015

Nippon Pulse is pleased to announce that updated datasheets are available for the Linear Shaft Motor S series servomotors. The S series consists of 12 Linear Shaft Motors that range in size from a 4mm shaft diameter to a 60.5mm shaft diameter.

The updated datasheets showcase Nippon Pulse's most popular lower-voltage windings, which allow the Linear Shaft Motor to be classified as low voltage for UL and CE ratings. The datasheets also provide information regarding frame ground options and thermistor options on select motors, as well as electrical, thermal and forcer specifications; available stroke options; connector and wiring information; bus voltage graphs; and drawings of the motors, forcers and wiring.

All of the S series Linear Shaft Motors can be customized to fit your application, and can be integrated into our SLP and SCR Linear Stages.

The new datasheets can be found on Nippon Pulse's website by clicking Manuals and Literature in the website header and scrolling down to Linear Servomotors. You can also view 3D CAD drawings and models at

For more information about customizing or integrating the S series Linear Shaft Motors into your application, or for assistance in selecting the best motor for your application, contact our applications engineers at 1-540-633-1677.

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