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Linear Shaft Motor Designed for the Ultra High-Precision Market

Apr 05, 2011

The Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor that is designed and constructed with the ultra high-precision market in mind. Because of its design features, the Linear Shaft Motor is more energy efficient and can achieve motion profiles competing linear motors are unable to achieve.

The design of the Linear Shaft Motor maximizes use of magnetic flux, provides stiffness up to 100-times greater than that of other ironless linear motors, minimizes generated heat and reduces the impact of heat on the work point, does not produce Eddy currents, and does not have cogging issues. As a result, the Linear Shaft Motor can achieve sub-micron motion profiles.

The Linear Shaft Motor's cylindrical design provides two inherent benefits. First, the motor is able to use 100 percent of magnetic flux and to use that magnetic flux at maximum efficiency. All available magnetic flux cuts the coils at a 90-degree angle.

Also because of its cylindrical design, and despite being of completely ironless construction, the Linear Shaft Motor provides stiffness up to 100-times greater than all other similar motors available.

In part because it has no cogging issues and does not produce Eddy currents, the Linear Shaft Motor also generates less heat than traditional linear motors. As a result, the motor does not dump heat into the work point and thus is able to achieve precise and accurate motion profiles. The lower heat production also comes because the Linear Shaft Motor does not have inherent airflow restrictions.

In tests conducted by the University of Virginia, the Linear Shaft Motor is proven to consume 51.8 percent less energy than a comparable u-shaped motor while performing the same motion, carrying the same load, and producing the same linear force.

Nippon Pulse America, a fully-owned American subsidiary of Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can, hybrid, and linear servo) that cover a wide range of motion control applications. For more information on the Linear Shaft Motor or other Nippon Pulse products, please visit or call 1-540-633-1677.

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