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Nippon Pulse Unveils L160 Linear Shaft Motor

Feb 21, 2011

Nippon Pulse has introduced the L160 Linear Shaft Motor, a tubular style linear servomotor. The L160 is the fourth release in Nippon Pulse's low maintenance L-series line, joining the L250, L320, and L427. The L-series motor features a larger non-critical air gap (up to 65%) than available on the standard S-series models.

The L160 features a non-critical air gap of 0.8mm, 0.3mm greater than on the standard S160 Linear Shaft Motor. In addition, the L160 has a Continuous Force of 8.8~18N, an Acceleration Force of 35~70N, an Acceleration Current of 2.2A, and a stroke length between 100 and 1,800mm.

The L-series motors reduce machining costs, allow for greater variance when machining a stage, extend time needed between routine cleanings, and are ideal in high debris environments. Because the air gap between the forcer and shaft is non-critical, any debris build-up on the shaft does not reduce generated force.

The Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor designed for the ultra high-precision market. The design maximizes use of magnetic flux, provides stiffness 100 times greater than similar motors, and minimizes heat production. As a result, the Linear Shaft Motor can achieve sub-micron resolution movements.

Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can, hybrid and linear servo) that cover a wide range of motion applications. For more information on the L160 Linear Shaft Motor or other Nippon Pulse products, please visit or call 1.540.633.1677.

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