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PF25G Stepper Motor, High Torque in Small Package

Jun 15, 2010

In its well established line of tin-can stepper products, Nippon Pulse offers its PF25G gearhead stepper motor. The PF25G motor is an ideal fit for projects within the medical device industry that require a high torque motor but are limited in available space.

The PF25G is available with either a unipolar or bipolar winding and with 24 or 48 steps per revolution. Depending on the winding and the step number, the PF25G has a rated voltage of either 5 or 12 volts, a resistance between 15 and 122 ohms, a holding torque between 8 and 12mN·m, and a weight of 35 grams. Other features of the motor include a maximum torque of 100mN·m, a starting pulse rate of either 490 or 790pps, and a motor diameter of 25mm.

The PF25G motor comes with the option of over 20 gearhead ratios, from 6/25 to 1/300 and features a maximum torque of between 20mN·m and 100mN·m depending on the gear ratio. As is the case with all Nippon Pulse stepper motors, the PF25G can be customized to meet individual customer need. The Nippon Pulse model shop and factory can add connectors, longer lead wires, pinions, ball bearings, customized flanges, and many other motor options.

Nippon Pulse America, a fully-owned American subsidiary of Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd of Tokyo, Japan which has been offering motion control products since 1952. Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can, hybrid, and linear servo) to cover almost any motion application. For more information on Nippon Pulse's stepper motor product line or other Nippon Pulse products, please visit or call 540-633-1677.

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