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New datasheets available for specialty Linear Shaft Motors

May 23, 2016

RADFORD, Va. - Nippon Pulse is pleased to announce a collection of new datasheets for its large-air-gap L series and short-forcer SS series Linear Shaft Motors. These datasheets are for motors that are 25mm, 32mm and 35mm in diameter, all of which have several alternate windings available to meet performance and voltage requirements.

The L series of Linear Shaft Motor has a larger air gap than the standard S series motors, with air gaps of 2mm and larger for the three motor diameters listed above. (The same diameter motors in the S series have air gaps of 0.75mm to 1mm.) The SS series, on the other hand, has the same size air gap as the S series, but the forcers are between 70mm and 100mm shorter in width than the L series and S series forcers, depending on the motor diameter and windings selected.

The datasheets contain electrical, thermal and forcer specs, as well as thermistor and thermocoupling information, and information about a variety of winding options. These L series motors have four alternative windings - single, double, triple and quadruple - or can be ordered with Nippon Pulse's standard shaft-motor winding.

The new datasheets can be found on Nippon Pulse's website, by selecting the Manuals & Literature link from the top navigation bar, selecting the "Motors" link and looking under the "Linear Servomotors" category. You can also learn more about all three of these motor series by reviewing our Linear Shaft Motor catalog.

Nippon Pulse is committed to providing the largest variety of linear product offerings, so you can always get the perfect fit for your application. All of the Linear Shaft Motors can be customized to various shaft lengths to meet your application's stroke requirements, and both larger and smaller shaft diameter sizes are also available. Contact our application engineers to discuss your application's requirements and the myriad customization options available to you.

About the Company: Nippon Pulse America Inc. is an American subsidiary of Tokyo-based Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. Nippon Pulse is a global manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier of precision motion control products, including industry-leading stepper motors, the innovative Linear Shaft Motor, controllers and drivers. For more information about Nippon Pulse's quality products, visit or call 1-540-633-1677.

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