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Nippon Pulse's PFCU20, Integrated Reduction Gear Head Stepper

Dec 13, 2011

The Nippon Pulse PFCU20 tin-can style stepper motor offers users high torque in a small package (20mm diameter), using an integrated reduction gear to achieve up to 10mN�m of holding torque.

Driven in 2-2 excitation mode, the PFCU20 has 400 steps per revolution, a 12V rated voltage, a starting pulse rate of 650+pps (no load), a slewing pulse rate of 800+pps (no load), and a standard gear ratio of 1/10 with 7-degrees or less of backlash. Other gear ratios are available upon request.

Applications suited to integrate the PFCU20 gearhead stepper motor include medical devices, gaming machines, printing machines, and liquid dispensing. The PFCU20 rotary stepper can also fit into applications requiring valve control and lens control.

The PFCU20 motor is available with numerous modification options, including modified shafts and lead wires.

Nippon Pulse America, a fully-owned American subsidiary of Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. Nippon Pulse offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can, hybrid, and linear servo) that cover a wide range of motion control applications. For more information on the PFCU20 gearhead stepper motor or other Nippon Pulse products, please visit or call 1-540-633-1677.

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