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Nippon Pulse releases German-language catalog for stepper motor products

Aug 24, 2016

Nippon Pulse is thrilled to be able to cater to German manufacturers with the creation of a new German-language catalog for our stepper motor products.

New CAD models of Nippon Pulse stepper motors available for download

Jun 20, 2016

Nippon Pulse is pleased to announce that more than 10 new CAD models for the company's tin-can and hybrid stepper motors are now available for download.

New datasheets available for specialty Linear Shaft Motors

May 23, 2016

Nippon Pulse is pleased to announce a collection of new datasheets for its large-air-gap L series and short-forcer SS series Linear Shaft Motors. These datasheets are for motors that are 25mm, 32mm and 35mm in diameter, all of which have several alternate windings available to meet performance and voltage requirements.

PCD46x1A line of controller chips to replace existing PCD line

Apr 25, 2016

Nippon Pulse has released a new line of PCD controller chips as an upgrade for the PCD46x1 series. The new 46x1A series includes updates that fix bugs from the 46x1 series, and offers a few new features as well.

Nippon Pulse receives international standards certifications

Apr 04, 2016

Nippon Pulse America Inc. (NPA) is pleased to announce that its Virginia-based sales office has been approved for ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications by BSI America.

Nippon Pulse introduces SL083 scaleless linear motor with built-in encoder

Jan 18, 2016

Nippon Pulse is pleased to announce the release of a new linear motor product, the SL083. The SL083 is a scaleless linear motor with a built-in linear encoder.

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