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Board Level

Nippon Pulse offers motion control boards for stepper motors and servomotors. These boards employ several different CPU interfaces and have features that fit different applications.

Board Features


  • Nippon Pulse's PPCIe8443 is a PCI-Express interface 4-axis control board for stepper and servo motor control
  • Equipped with PCL6046 pulse control LSI for linear, circular and continuous interpolation, linear/S-curve acceleration and velocity/position override
  • Comes with utility software for application development and ease of system debugging, as well as function libraries, definition files, and sample programs


  • Nippon Pulse's NPMC6045A-4104 is an advanced PC/104-bus format 4-axis control board for stepper motors and servomotors
  • This board boasts a compact design with all of the advanced motion control features of the integrated PCL6045 chip
  • Comes with a user-friendly C language library


  • Nippon Pulse's FMC32 is a single-axis controller with integrated bipolar chopper drive for stepper motors
  • This board allows users to register up to 32 operation patterns and 256 execution sequences and store them internally on non-volatile memory for standalone operation
  • Features the PCD2112 controller chip, allowing users to save programs via a USB-to-4-wire serial conversion unit

Choosing a Controller Board

After you have chosen a controller board for your application, contact our purchasing department at 1-540-633-1676 to place an order. If you need further help selecting the correct board, contact our application engineers at 1-540-633-1677 (option 1).

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