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New shaft motor option features integrated analog hall effects

Dec 11, 2023

Nippon Pulse is excited to add a new option to our line of Linear Shaft Motors - an integrated analog Hall effect feedback element built into the forcer to save space and provide exceptional repeatability for positioning and conveyance applications.

The new option will be available for the 6, 10, 16 and 25mm sized forcers.

Integrating the analog Hall effects into the motor forcer eliminates the need for an external linear encoder; instead, the magnet poles within the shaft can be detected by the sensors, effectively becoming its own integral sine/cosine encoder. This is ideal for applications with space limitations, as eliminating an external encoder allows for a smaller system footprint and a reduction in parts and their associated costs. The output of the analog hall feedback is a sin/cos signal, +/- 1v pk to pk, 2.5 vdc offset, 90 degree phasing. This output used with a servo drive with internal interpolation capabilities can provide resolutions as low as 1 um. In addition, an A quad B digital pulse output is also available with integral interpolation to provide similar high resolutions.

If the environment is dirty, dusty or wet - which can render an external encoder inefficient or unusable - the analog Halls option will continue to provide feedback in these types of harsh environments, where typical encoders will fail.

Of course, whether the analog Hall is the right option for your linear motion system depends on a few factors, such as your required level of precision and the distance of travel required. Talk to an applications engineer to determine the best solution to meet your requirements.

Nippon Pulse offers the S series (standard air gap), L series (large air gap) and the SX series (standard with high-energy magnets). We are also able to modify any of our standard products for volume OEM applications.

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