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Nippon Pulse Offers PCL6045BL Controller Chip to Reduce CPU Burden

Dec 08, 2010

Nippon Pulse offers the PCL6045BL controller chip, a 4-axis programmable pulse generator that provides the oscillating, high-speed pulses to drive both stepper and servo (pulse string input types) motors. The PCL6045BL enables the user to easily configure complicated motion control systems.

Nippon Pulse on YouTube, Ask Us a Question

Oct 07, 2010

You can view many of our application demo videos not only on our web site, but also on our YouTube channel. Visit the Nippon Pulse channel, view our demos, leave a comment, or ask a related question.

Nippon Pulse Offers Parallel Cabling Option on LSM

Sep 02, 2010

Nippon Pulse introduces a new parallel option on its Linear Shaft Motor to simplify cable management and routing when using multiple motors with one encoder and one servo drive.

Nippon Pulse Introduces L250SS Linear Shaft Motor

Jul 06, 2010

Nippon Pulse has announced the release of its newest linear servomotor, the L250SS Linear Shaft Motor. The new SS-series is highlighted by a forcer that is 50mm in length, significantly reducing the length that had been offered on the standard L250 motor. The standard L250 forcer length ranges from 120-210mm.

PF25G Stepper Motor, High Torque in Small Package

Jun 15, 2010

In its well established line of tin-can stepper products, Nippon Pulse offers its PF25G gearhead stepper motor. The PF25G motor is an ideal fit for projects within the medical device industry that require a high torque motor but are limited in available space.

Nippon Pulse Opens Newly Constructed R&D Center

Feb 25, 2010

Nippon Pulse recently opened a multi-million dollar Research & Development facility in Tokyo, replacing the old center which had been in existence for many decades.

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