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Nippon Pulse to offer custom-designed motion controllers to streamline applications and reduce cable mess

May 22, 2020

Nippon Pulse is pleased to offer a new service for our OEM customers: the creation of custom-designed motion controller boards that utilize the Nippon Pulse Commander core for multi-axis applications. The boards can be designed to meet unique specifications, helping streamline the design process to bring a new product to market faster or reduce the manufacture/testing time on an existing product.

Custom motion controller designs are advantageous when an application has been developed, tested, and is ready to move toward wider manufacture. They are meant to reduce cost and improve reliability of the product by simplifying or eliminate interconnecting between components. The custom design will contain all components necessary to operate such as drives, controllers, safety, and I/O. It can then be put into the completed application design, to ramp up to production faster.

A valued customer said their custom Nippon Pulse motion controller board is giving them consistency with their application, far fewer cables, and has reduced their overall manufacturing and testing time by more than 50 percent.

A custom motion control board is ideal for any application design that needs multiple axes of movement, or has many I/Os, such as laser engraving, 3D printing, vending machines, semiconductor processing, life science applications, ATMs, gaming machines, or medical lab automation.

For more information about the Commander core, click here. To learn how you can get your own custom-designed PCB, call 540-633-1677 to speak to an engineer.

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