Linear Stepper Motors for Accurate Positioning Control

Nippon Pulse’s linear stepper motor offers you a cost-effective solution where accurate positioning and high force generation are required in a small package. We offer our linear stepper motor with 20mm, 25mm and 35mm diameters for use in a variety of applications, including liquid dispensing, valve control, data storage, and XY microtiter table control.

Our open-loop linear stepper motors are easy to control and drive, as they only require simple stepper motor controls. The linear stepper series offers between 8N and 45N of linear force, and is available with numerous winding and customization options.

Nippon Pulse has designed and manufactured the highest quality stepper motors for more than 60 years, and our stepper motors are unmatched in reliability.

Contact us today to speak with an applications engineer about using linear stepper motors in your application.


Features of Nippon Pulse Linear Stepper Motors

  • Available with 20mm, 25mm and 35mm diameters
  • Rated force between 8 and 45N
  • Thread pitches of 0.48mm, 0.96mm, and 1.2mm
  • Effective strokes of 30mm and 60mm
  • Rated voltage of 5V and 12V
  • 24 or 48 steps per revolution
  • Travel/step between 0.01mm and 0.05mm
  • Unipolar and bipolar windings
  • Catalogs and datasheets for more information


Linear Stepper Motor Application Video

Watch our linear stepper motors in action on our web site or on our YouTube channel. You can see the linear stepper motors in a microtiter application, a liquid dispensing system, and in a gripper application.

In addition to these videos, our YouTube channel highlights our entire product line, including rotary stepper motors and the Linear Shaft Motor (linear servo).