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Linear Servo Motors

World's Largest Supplier of Linear Shaft Motors

Linear motors come in a variety of technologies and styles, including brush or brushless, and configured as flat iron-core, U-shaped, or tubular. Nippon Pulse’s tubular Linear Shaft Motor consists of a magnetic shaft and coil assembly (forcer) which can be integrated into a mechanical assembly and driven with a brushless DC servo drive. These linear motor actuators can replace ball and lead screw, pneumatic, and conventional flat or U-Channel linear actuation systems.

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Specification Overview

  • Range of shaft diameters: 4mm to 100mm
  • Stroke lengths: 20mm to 4.6M
  • Achievable peak forces more than 3000N
  • Continuous force up to 600N

Selecting the Best Linear Motor Actuator for your Application

  1. Outline the motions that you’re trying to achieve
  2. Find the acceleration traverse and deceleration times need for each movement
  3. Specify the time between each movement
  4. Average the force/current needed for all of the moves (RMS average)
  5. Find a shaft motor with an RMS Force of RMS current larger than what is needed for your move
  6. Find a power supply and amplifier that can provide the currents needed for your moves (peak and RMS currents

Linear Motor Applications

The Linear Shaft Motor can be built for a variety of operating environments, including in water, vacuums, or clean rooms.

  • High-speed pick-and-place machines
  • High-accuracy pick-and-place or dispensing applications
  • Scanners that need smooth and precise movements
  • Long-life and low-maintenance expectations
  • Applications that require low power and high efficiency

Linear Motor Simplicity >
The simple structure of a magnetic shaft and coil assembly (forcer) experiences minimal wear and is entirely maintenance-free, keeping your machinery running longer with less downtime and a significant cost reduction throughout its lifespan.

Linear Motor Precision >
With no iron in the forcer or shaft, ultra-high precision is achievable with zero cogging for applications that require extreme smoothness of motion in machine operation.

Linear Motion Accuracy >
High-performance positioning with encoder resolutions less than 10nm enable a positioning accuracy of ±1.2 pulses of encoder resolution for improved yield of high precision processes.

Linear Motion Strength >
Rare-earth magnets, the strongest magnets available, add to the intensity of the magnetic field and thus allowing a small amount of current to produce large amounts of force for low power and high efficiency machines.

Linear Motor Speed >
Able to efficiently move large amounts of weight accurately and smoothly at high speeds, increasing throughput and profitability.

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