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Linear Shaft Motor servos and electronics to solve your machining problems

Design engineers run up against all kinds of issues when designing a new application – ensuring the motors meet force and size requirements, making sure the electronics to run the application are well-designed, and keeping costs down, just to name a few – and Nippon Pulse has made it our goal to help “ease the pain” of common machining concerns, with help from our patented Linear Shaft Motor and our dynamic electronics.

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is a brushless, high-precision direct drive linear servo motor with a tubular design. The linear actuator consists of only two parts: a magnetic shaft and coil assembly (forcer), and has a non-critical air gap, so the motor does not wear or require maintenance. The motor is driven and controlled by the flow of current.

Heat and Motor Efficiency

Thought was given to every aspect of the design of the Linear Shaft Motor to make it the most efficient motor possible, and according to an independent study, the Linear Shaft Motor is 50 percent more efficient than similar coreless linear servos.

Linear motors heat up due to unused energy. When heat is generated, it must go somewhere. One side effect of heat is the thermal growth of the load the coil is attached to, and the subsequent heating of the bearings, grease, and any sensors attached. Over time, the heating and cooling cycles can have negative effects on both mechanical and electronic components. Thermal growth is likely to cause issues with binding and increased friction.

This is where many applications utilize heatsinks to reduce the impact of thermal growth, but heatsinks are bulky, take up extraneous space, and add mass to the application, even if the motor itself is compact and lightweight.

In comparison, the Linear Shaft Motor’s ironless magnetic design utilizes all the magnetic flux, which allows us to generate force more efficiently. This greatly reduces the amount of heat generated, rendering heatsinks unnecessary. Because the heatsinks are not required, the motor can fit into smaller spaces.

In addition, by preventing wasted energy, the cost of operating the system also decreases.

Force-to-Size Ratio

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is available with 12 different frame sizes (ranging from 4mm to 60.5mm shaft diameters) and each size has a variety of form factors depending on your space and force requirements. The motor has an acceleration force of up to 2340N and continuous force up to 585N. Nippon Pulse has the largest selection of linear motors of any manufacturer in the world!

The Linear Shaft Motor can replace ball-screws, pneumatics, U-shaped motors and other linear motion systems. Nippon Pulse can also accommodate stroke lengths as short as 20mm and as long as 4.6 meters.

How else can we ease your pain?

Controller Options for Every Application

Nippon Pulse manufactures a variety of options for servo control, from ultra-precise motion control with a variety of interpolation functions, or simpler options for basic control.

Among our chip, board and box controller options, you have the flexibility to fully customize your application’s controller or choose a ready-to-use solution that can get you moving right away. Our goal is to impress you, not just satisfy your needs. Which option gives you the most control? Talk to our engineers today to determine the best solution for your application.

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