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Chip Level

Nippon Pulse's programmable pulse generators are motion control chips that are designed to control stepper motors and servomotors. These chips reduce the computational burden on the system's microprocessor while allowing for a wide array of advanced motion control features.

System Highlights

  • The easily programmable registers allow design engineers to create sophisticated motion profiles
  • A number of models with max output frequencies ranging from 400Kpps up to 15 Mpps
  • PCD series chips for stepper motor control
  • PCL series models for advanced stepper and servo control


  • Semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment
  • Robots
  • Analyzers
  • Medical examination equipment
  • Automatic handling machines
  • Printers/office equipment

Choosing a Controller Chip

After you have chosen a controller chip for your application, contact our purchasing department at 1-540-633-1676 to place an order. If you need further help selecting the correct controller, contact our application engineers at 1-540-633-1677 (option 1).

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