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Packaged Systems

Get your application up and running fast with Nippon Pulse's new pre-packaged solutions! SmartPak and PulsePak are packaged solutions that contain a hybrid stepper motor with integral encoder, a servo controller (either a programmable controller-driver or a pulse & direction driver) and a cable kit to connect everything together.


  • Nippon Pulse hybrid stepper motor with integral 1000 or 2500 ppr (4000 or 10000 cpr) encoder
  • Motor available in NEMA sizes 8 through 34
  • Easy BASIC programming controller
  • Compatible with: 2 phase stepper, 3 phase brushless servo, 2 phase linear servo, DC brushed, and voice coil motors

  • Applications
    PulsePak and SmartPak kits are ideal for use in a wide variety of automation applications, including:
  • Factory Automation
  • Lab Automation
  • Semiconductor
  • Packaging and Labeling Machines
  • Food Processing

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