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Which type of linear stage should I choose?

Nippon Pulse offers two series of high-performance, single-axis linear stages: nanopositioning SCR stages, and Acculine SLP stages. Both series are ideal for small-scale or limited-space applications, and provide an excellent introduction to our Linear Shaft Motor servos, the basis for all of Nippon Pulse’s stages.

Shaft motors can be set up quickly for operation; their simple non-contact design – which includes just a forcer and magnetic shaft – has a non-critical air gap between the forcer and motor shaft that is not affected by dust or other small particles during operation. The air gap eliminates friction and noise, and ensures a long, maintenance-free lifespan.

The mechanical differences between SCR and SLP stages

SLP stages and SCR stages have different applications strengths, based on the stage design.

The silver SLP stages are larger than the crimson SCR stages, with a longer stroke and the ability to handle higher forces and faster speeds, though SLP stages are also capable of slow, smooth movement. They include a 1-micron resolution encoder, and come with linear guides as standard. SLP stages are perfect for simplifying the transition from a ballscrew actuator. They provide an unmatched force-to-volume ratio, and have the smallest dead zone of any stage system available.

SLP stages are well suited for operation in clean room environments. They are ideal for industrial applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing, and scanning or measuring applications. They can also be used in gantry stages, or multi-axis configurations such as H-bridge setups (two SLP stages in parallel with a third perpendicular between them, for three-axis movement).

The SCR series stages have a lower profile and higher precision, with multiple encoder options and shorter stroke lengths. SCR stages use a cross-roller guide to handle heavier loads and are ideal for life sciences applications such as microscopy, sample handling, and other applications that require a smaller stage. SCR stages utilize Nippon Pulse’s smallest Linear Shaft Motors, with 4mm, 8mm and 16mm shaft diameters.

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