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Legacy/Obsolete Products

Legacy Products

No Longer Recommended

The following are products Nippon Pulse no longer recommends placing into a newly designed application/project. If you have been using one of these products, which are still available in limited amounts, Nippon Pulse application engineers can offer support and suggest new and improved options.

Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Legacy/Obsolete Product"
Or call (540) 633-1677 to speak with one of our engineers.

  • PCD2112 - to be replaced by PCD2112A
  • PCL61x3 Series (PCL6113, PCL6123, PCL6143)
  • PCL61x4 Series (PCL6114, PCL6124, PCL6144)
  • PCL6045B
  • PFC20
  • PFC20T
  • PMX-4ET-SA-TB9
  • PMX-4EX-SA-TB9
  • PTM-12K

Obsolete Products

No Longer Available

Nippon pulse no longer offers or provides support for the following products. If you are looking to replace one of these items, please contact a Nippon Pulse applications engineer, who can offer a supported replacement option.

Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Legacy/Obsolete Product"
Or call (540) 633-1677 to speak with one of our engineers.

  • BCD4020FUT1
  • BCD4020FUTA3
  • G9001 - replaced by G9001A
  • G9002 - replaced by G9002A
  • G9004 - replaced by G9004A
  • G9103A
  • MCH-3 - replaced by MCH-5
  • MNET-M101-DUM - replaced by MNET-M204-DUM
  • NP2671E2
  • NP3775E3
  • NP7024M
  • NP7026M
  • NP7380
  • NPAD10BF
  • NPMC5023-2104
  • PCD4500
  • PCD4511
  • PCD4521
  • PCD4541
  • PCD46x1 Series - replaced by PCD46x1A Series
  • PCL6045A - replaced by PCL6045BL
  • PCL240AS/MS
  • PCL240AK/MK
  • PCL-3AM
  • PCL-3M
  • PCL3013
  • PCL5014
  • PCL5022
  • PCL5023
  • PCL6025 - replaced by PCL6025B
  • PCS1110
  • PJ series
  • PJB Series
  • PMX-4CX-SA
  • PMX-BD3
  • PR Series
  • SL083
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