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Nippon Pulse SLP35 linear stage
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Availability and Pricing

Contact our applications engineers for availability, lead time and pricing information for this product.


Technical specifications

Continuous force185 N
Peak force970 N
Continuous current2.7 A
Peak current14.4 A
Force constant68 (Kf) N/Amps
Back emf22 V/m/s
Resistance7.2 ohm/phase
Inductance12 mH/phase
Magnetic pitch120 mm
Maximum acceleration3.5 G
Maximum velocity3 m/s
Repeatability±0.5 µm
Max load horizontal60 kg
Max load wall30 kg
Stroke single forcer200 ~ 1200 (100 interval) mm
Stroke double forcer200 - 1000 (100 interval) mm
Note 1Peak Force given is based on the output with the use of the following driver: SLP35: (14) Hitachi Production Machine System ADA3-08LL2
Note 2Continuous current based on temp. 110K over 25 deg-C ambient temp.
Note 3Resistance and inductance averaged from U-V, U-W and V-W
Note 4Max. acceleration/velocity may not be able to be achieved in all instances due to load and/or drive condition.
Note 5Max. velocity may not be able to achieved in all instances due to stroke.
Note 6Please contact us for additional stroke lengths.

System drawing

SLP-35 system drawing

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