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Technical specifications

Part id451
Resolution1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 nm
Continuous force0.58 N
Force constant2.1 (Kf) N/Amps
Motor constant0.41 N√w
Maximum acceleration7 m/s²
Maximum velocity0.5 m/s
Stroke single forcer40 mm
Note 1Note 1: Repeatability +/- 2 counts sub 0.1 um @ Resolutions
Note 2Note 2: For 10nm resolution, max velocity of encoder is limited to 65mm/sec; for 50nm, the limit is 250mm/sec; and for 100nm (0.1μm), the limit is 500mm/sec..
Note 3Note 3: Please contact our Applications Engineers for loads exceeding 10kg.
Stroke length40 mm
Accuracy2 µm
Moving mass0.298 kg
Bi directional repeatability±1 count
Load capacity10 kg
Straightness and flatness2.5/25mm
Linear shaft motorsS040Q

System drawing

SCR050-040 system drawing

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