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Nippon Pulse 70mm rotary servomotor with hollow shaft
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Rotary AC Servo with Built-in Encoder, 70mm diameter frame, single stack-length and hollow shaft configuration.

Availability and Pricing

Contact our applications engineers for availability, lead time and pricing information for this product.


Technical specifications

Body diameter70 mm
Body length31.5 mm
Max torque1 Nm
Rated torque0.36 Nm
Continuous stall torque0.36 Nm
Max speed200 rpm
Rated speed200 rpm
Max encoder resolutionIncremental: 2,592,000 (Multiplication by 4) / Absolute: 2,097,152 (21 bit) P/R
Input power48 VDC
Peak power30 W
Peak power rate24 kW/s
Peak armature current13 Arms
Rated armature current2.8 Arms
Voltage constant13 V/krpm
Torque constant0.13 Nm/Arms
Line armature resistance2.1 ohms
Line armature inductance2.6 mH
Rotor poles20 P
Moment of inertia650 g/cm2
Permissible radial load500 N
Permissible axial load250 N
Load reference point distance27 mm
Mass0.53 kg
Standard heatsink225 x 225 x 10 Aluminum

System drawing

MDH-7006 system drawing

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