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Nippon Pulse 25mm linear stepper motor
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Get this stepper motor moving with a Nippon Pulse driver. Our 2-phase stepper motor drivers are single-axis drivers that come in constant voltage or constant current varieties with multiple excitation modes. With advanced features like automatic current reducers and opto-isolated inputs, our drivers represent the cutting edge of stepper motor electronics.

Availability and Pricing

Contact our applications engineers for availability, lead time and pricing information for this product.


Technical specifications

Motor diameter25 mm
Motor diameter english0.98 in
Temperature rise english158 deg. F
Temperature rise70 K
Weight60 g
Weight english2.12 oz
Rohs compliantYes
Step angle7.5 deg. / step
Type of windingUnipolar
Steps per revolution48
Number of phases2
Rated voltage12 V
Rated current0.1 A/phase
Resistance120 ohm/phase
Inductance26.4 mH/phase
Thread pitch0.96 mm
Thread pitch english0.038 in
Travel step0.02 mm
Travel step english0.000787 in
Force at two hundred pps17.5 N
Force at two hundred pps english63 oz
Winding resistance120 ohm/phase
Winding inductances26.4 mH/phase
Operating temperature range-10 to +50 deg. C
Stroke length range30-60 mm

System drawing

PFCL25-48C4-096 system drawing

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