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Nippon Pulse 8mm Linear Shaft Motor with quadruple winding
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S080Q Linear Motor

Linear Shaft Motor Technology Continuous Force: 18N
Peak Force: 70N

Linear shaft motor design advantages:

  • Power dense, compact, and efficient design easily integrates into machine structures.
  • Zero cogging for ultrasmooth motion required for high precision applications.
  • Contactless motion for maintenance free operations, minimizing downtime.
  • Non-critical air gap with no variation in force along the length of the shaft delivers smooth and quiet operation.
  • Ideal for replacing ball screw actuators, flat or u-channel linear motors, or pneumatic/hydraulic systems.
High Speed, High Acceleration Linear Motor

Linear servomotor with 8mm diameter shaft, quadruple-winding forcer.
Available with stroke lengths from 25-300mm.

Continuous Force: 3.5N
Peak Force: 14N
Peak Current: 3.4A

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S080Q Specification Overview
Shaft diameter8 mmStroke length range25 ~ 300 mm
Continuous force3.5 NContinuous current0.84 A
Peak force14 NPeak current3.4 A
Force constant4.2 (Kf) N/AmpsBack emf1.4 V/m/s
Motor constant1.39 N√wForcer weight0.08 kg
Gap0.5 mm

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