NPA Can Fulfill Prototype Requests with 24 Hours

From our model shop in Radford, Va., most stepper motor sample requests can be filled within 24 hours, allowing customers to test the product before ordering larger quantities. Nippon Pulse’s applications engineers work closely with each customer to understand the application’s needs, and then the Nippon Pulse model shop can produce a high-quality sample to specification.

For the types of stepper motors and other products the model shop is able to prototype, contact Nippon Pulse’s applications engineers via e-mail or phone (1-540-633-1677).

What Can Nippon Pulse Offer in its Prototypes

The following features may be available when producing prototypes from our model shop in Japan:

  • Pinions
  • Connectors
  • Extended lead wires
  • Plastic tubing
  • Pullies

For more information about prototypes and the types of stepper motors and other products that we are able to customize, contact Nippon Pulse to speak with an applications engineer.