Chip: PCD2112A (coming soon!)

Chip: PCD2112A (coming soon!)

The PCD2112A chip incorporates advanced features into a miniaturized package, and can operate without a CPU for ultimate portable motion control. This miniature package chip (mold measures only 7mm square, external dimensions 9mm square) utilizes a four-wire serial bus that enables downsizing of the board. It can output two-phase stepping motor excitation sequences and is equipped with a servomotor interface, so it can control both stepper and servo motors.


The PCD2112A chip is suitable for customers who want to:

  • intelligently control a motor with a CPU with fewer pins
  • make the motor control board smaller
  • operate the chip like a standalone unit without a CPU connected at the time of operation


Features Linear and S-curve acceleration/deceleration.


User's Manual  |  No datasheet available yet