Board Level Drivers

Board Level Drivers

Nippon Pulse offers driver boards for unipolar and bipolar stepper motors. These driver boards are designed to drive 2-phase stepper motors, and feature a variety of excitation modes.

System Configuration

  • AD1111 and AD1131 are a constant voltage driver for unipolar steppers
  • AD1231 is a constant current driver for unipolar steppers
  • AD1431 is a constant current driver for bipolar steppers

Legacy/Obsolete Products

Some of the products Nippon Pulse has offered in the past are no longer supported or available. A complete list of these can be found on the Legacy/Obsolete Product page. If your application is currently utilizing a product that is no longer available, contact one of our applications engineers for assistance in choosing an alternative product that will meet your needs.

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Board Level Drivers

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