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Motion Checker

Nippon Pulse's Motion Checker controllers are palm-sized controllers with an integrated driver circuit for 2-phase stepper motors.

System Design (MCH-5 Motion Checker Units)

  • Both unipolar and bipolar stepper versions
  • Available pulse/direction output signals that enable you to use MCH-5 as standalone controllers for any external stepper motor driver board
  • Available input ports for external signals, including end limit and home/origin switches and external start/stops
  • Include non-volatile memory that can save up to six different motion profiles

Choosing a Motion Checker Controller

After you have chosen a Motion Checker controller for your application, contact our purchasing department at 1-540-633-1676 to place an order. If you need further help selecting the correct controller, contact our application engineers at 1-540-633-1677 (option 1).

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