How to choose a servo controller for your application

In the realm of automation there are many items that need to be considered during the design phase to get the project together and headed in the correct direction. There are mechanical criteria that can at times dominate the design approach, as the forces and motion profiles are at the forefront of what drives the outcome of automation. In conjunction with the mechanical criteria, the motion control electronics need to be seriously considered at the start of the design process. When controls and mechanics are well-integrated, the result is a robust machine that performs well at a reasonable cost.

To proceed in choosing the control approach that will best suit your project, first let’s look at the basic component options available. There are a vast array of control products, and they can typically be broken down into groups defined by how much development effort is required to produce a fully functioning control system. The groupings are: design based on an FPGA using an ASIC motion control chip, board level controllers and box level controllers.

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