Extreme Customization, Well-Maintained Tooling, and Accuracy

The marketplace has many vendors that offer motion control products for those in need of rotary or linear movement solutions. Not all vendors that supply these products have the same objectives or the same quality concerns over the lifespan of a product line. An OEM small-batch manufacturing customer came to Nippon Pulse because their current supplier was producing motors that had a very high failure rate for their application. The supplier’s motors had worked fine for previous generations of their system, but the new generation required an accuracy from the motor that 50 percent of the delivered motors could not meet. The motor was spec’d to have sufficient resolution for the application, but was unable to deliver the accuracy. When the supplier was approached by the customer, they offered no effective solution to meet the customers’ needs and requirements. This customer contacted us and requested a sample to evaluate, which – when tested – was well within their resolution and accuracy requirements. In order for our motor to fit into their application, it needed to be customized from our standard configuration. Nippon Pulse customizes motors for and supports both large and small-batch customers. 

There were seven major modifications required for our standard motor to fit within the product and the manufacturing process. Changes to the motor included the redesigning of the mounting flange, moving the lead wire exit location, and development of a specialized lead screw thread pitch. Nippon Pulse factory engineers worked directly with the customer’s engineers to design the required changes. During this process, the customer conducted tests and found that the accuracy and precision of the customized motor was improved over the already high values of our standard motor.

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