Legacy/Obsolete Products

Legacy Products (No Longer Recommended)

The following are products Nippon Pulse no longer recommends placing into a newly designed application/project. If you have been using one of these products, which are still available in limited amounts, Nippon Pulse applications engineers (1-540-633-1677) can offer support and will suggest new and improved options.

PCD2112 (replaced by PCD2112A)
PCL6045B - User's Manual



Obsolete Products (No Longer Available)

Nippon Pulse no longer offers or provides support for the following products. If you are looking to replace one of these items, please contact a Nippon Pulse applications engineer (1-540-633-1677) who can offer a supported replacement option.

BCD4020FUT1 - User's Manual
BCD4020FUTA3 - User's Manual
G9001 (replaced by G9001A)
G9002 (replaced by G9002A)
G9004 (replaced by G9004A)
G9103A - Discontinuation Notice
MCH-3 (replaced by MCH-5)
MNET-M101-DUM (replaced by MNET-M204-DUM)
NP2671E2 - Discontinuation Notice
NP3775E3 - Discontinuation Notice
NP7024M - Manual
NP7380 - Discontinuation Notice
NPAD10BF - Datasheet
NPMC5023-2104 - Manual
PCD4500 - Manual
PCD4511 - Manual - Discontinuation Notice
PCD4521 - Discontinuation Notice
PCD4541 - Discontinuation Notice
PCD46x1 Series (replaced by PCD46x1A Series) - Discontinuation Notice - Manual
PCL6045A (replaced by PCL6045BL)
PCL240AS/MS - Manual - Discontinuation Notice
PCL240AK - Manual
PCL240MK - Discontinuation Notice
PCL5014 - Dimensions
PCL5023 - Dimensions
PCL6025 (replaced by PCL6025B)
PJ series (Spec Sheets)
PJB Series - Product Flyer
PMX-4CX-SA - discontinued Sept. 2016
PR Series


Last revision: 05/17/2018