Selecting the Correct Motor

Nippon Pulse offers several resources to assist you in selecting the correct product(s) for your motion control application.

In-Depth Product Manuals and Literature

You can browse more than 400 products on our website, as well as get detailed technical specifications, datasheets and system drawings for each product.

In addition to our main product pages, you can browse Nippon Pulse’s Manuals & Literature pages for datasheets and wiring diagrams.

View Nippon Pulse Products in Action

Check out our selection of demo videos, where you can see our products in action, in real-world scenarios.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Motor

We’ve even created short “checklists” of things to keep in mind when selecting our products. Check out our lists for our linear shaft motor, tin-can stepper, linear stepper or hybrid stepper motors.