Linear Shaft Motors in Parallel Applications

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor (LSM) has been successfully used in parallel motor applications. Parallel applications are ones in which there are two or more Linear Shaft Motors in a parallel arrangement. The advantage that the Nippon Pulse LSMs have over other systems is the capability to run all parallel motors with only one amplifier and one encoder. Utilizing a single amplifier and encoder in the system has the stability and power of multiple motors while keeping down the costs of the servo loop.

There are three main motivations to utilizing the Linear Shaft Motor in parallel. One of the first reasons, and the motivation for development of the parallel system, is for use in ultra-high precision, high accuracy applications that are required to operate in the sub-nanometer range. A second motivation is the use of multiple motors for the generation of forces greater than that achievable with a single motor. The third motivation is in the use of gantry or X-Y systems, where the parallel motors on one axis add significant stability. Nippon Pulse Linear Shaft Motors have successfully been used in applications with up to four motors in parallel. Parallel drive systems are most commonly thought of as being used in Cartesian/Gantry robots, though parallel drive systems also include other major areas of motion control.