An Independent Review of the Energy Efficiency of the Linear Shaft Motor

In 2010, Nippon Pulse took its Linear Shaft Motor comparison demo unit to the University of Virginia to receive an independent evaluation. Nippon Pulse wanted to verify the claim that the Linear Shaft Motor is 50 percent more energy-efficient than a comparable U-shaped linear motor.

Nippon Pulse often shows the comparison demo unit at tradeshows, and claims that, all specs being equal, the Linear Shaft Motor consumes half the energy that a Trilogy U-shaped motor consumes.

Below you can see the results of this evaluation, which was conducted by H.C. Powell, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Instructor at the University of Virginia.

"This is to confirm that I tested your linear motors at my office in October of 2010. My tests were performed using the demo unit that is taken to trade shows.

During the sequence of testing, I observed that all comparisons were reasonable, and that each motor executed precisely the same movement sequence. Additionally, I observed that the total energy consumption of the Nippon Pulse unit was 3526 kW hours and the competitive unit was 6803 kW hours. In order to verify the relative calibration of the power meters, I exchanged the meters and re-ran the tests such that each motor was now operating using the meter that had previously been employed on the previous unit. In this test the Nippon Pulse motor consumed 1694 kW hours, while the competitive unit consumed 3213 kW hours.

I conclude that the Nippon Pulse motor consumes 0.518 of the energy consumed by the competitive unit, and the tests as presented by Nippon Pulse were both fair and accurate."